by fred sights


What is wrong with me? page23

Out of the cradle, we come to encompass all life, to grasp its tender petals. page 29

Understanding as well as being willing to face my flaws truthfully brought some level of peace in my life. page 28

Facing life in and of itself is difficult. But when self-esteem issues, drugs, and questions about life come crashing down all at once, life is more than difficult.

Many of us have unpleasant memories, which we have carried on our shoulders, as we became adults. These memories, which may seem dormant, can surface in many other negative ways. Unexplained aggression, total mood changes for no apparent reason, and deep depression are just a few examples, which can come from repressed feelings.

Sex, Womanizing and … is about one person who struggles to overcome their inner conflicts as well as the shame which came from certain traumatic events. The life of those closest to Fred was greatly affected. Self-redemption and the long journey to coming to terms in order to heal is a story that everyone should be able to relate to. People who are afraid to speak on issues that hurt have to understand that to hold on to these bitter feelings will become toxic. And just like waste, it will poison everything around.

Thoughts of suicide were a big part of Fred’s life during the years of inner rage as well as low self-esteem. Many may wrestle with these thoughts but through personal experience, I can say that reaching rock bottom made me face myself. I am thanking God for being a great part of my life. Without this foundation, I would not be here now. Whether you to go to church or not, this story should impress everyone in order to heal, we have to put closure on certain unpleasant subjects.